mdmx (mdmx) wrote,

Полезнячок. Шелл-скрипты для юникс. Х.з. вдруг пригодится.

This page provides access to a fairly large archive of shell scripts. I wrote them over a large time (about 10 years), and they are of different quality. Some scripts are just oneliners to minimize typing, some are large scripts developed over a large time span.

They may serve as shell script programming examples, or just as some nice new programs to use with his UNIX desktop.

Scripts by category
Scripts classified into categories like File Conversion, or Text Utilities. This list is incomplete, unclassified scripts are not listed.
Scripts by name (234)
You will see all scripts - even the ones that do not belong to a category.
Commands (171)
These scripts are better commented, and of more general use. They should run at least on Linux and Solaris systems.
Quickies (54)
Short scripts, often consisting of a few lines. These scripts may be useful only with certain applications, or run with certain Unix dialects.
Tags: полезнячок

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